SLK out now all over Europe!


Stam1na’s sixth album SLK was released today in most European countries. The first review from the UK is quite encouraging! BUY at Amazon Check out the Panzerfaust video at Rock Hard (available in Germany and maybe some other countries). The … Lue lisaa!



Yhtye lämmittelee Insomniumia loka-marraskuussa Insomnium invited Stam1na to join their ”Shadows Of The Dying Sun Over Europe 2014” tour in October. Also Fleshgod Apocalypse will join the gang. Lemiläinen heviyhtye Stam1na on vahvistunut kotimaisen Insomnium-yhtyeen Euroopan kiertueen lämppäriksi. Lokakuun 30. … Lue lisaa!