Hyrde: As far as I know, this was the biggest anything where I have been ever. The place was fucking flooding with black cloathed human mass. The crowd was so big you could not pick an individual anywhere, just another part of the huge organic Wacken-monster. Damn that was weird. The whole place smelled like a human. Wacken really does come to life those days!

Kaikka: I have nothing else to say. This really was a biggest festival I’ve ever seen, but still the whole package was really well-organized. Hobos from Finland were fucking amazed!

Hyrde: Our German label boss Gregor picked us up from the Bremen airport and as fast as we saw the ”Stam1na Goes Wacken 2008” prints they flagged around we knew we where in good hands and looked after. With Gregor there was also Thomas and Dirk, soon to be known as The Dark Tero.

Kaikka: Yeah, it was odd how fast we made some kind of a spiritual contact to all three guys. And it took only a couple of beers. The German crew treated us from the beginning like we were kings. That’s cool, but they didn’t know what kind of a kings we are… Stam1na = Kings of Fools! We can’t thank enough of those guys!

Hyrde: The first two days there is still a total black out for me. Maybe for Emil and Kaikka too, we had this familiar Finn tradition going on there: lots of liquids, lots of things no point worth doing. The other 3 guys took it eazy and actually rested alot. Wize but booooring!

Kaikka: But we did warn the German crew that our behavior might be little weird when we drink enough alcohol. They didn’t mind. So they drank two days with us and watched me, Emil ja Hyrde get naked and stupid… We had time of our lives! And oh yeah, since Kake, Peksi and Jusbaum were resting at the hotel and not enjoying the great atmosphere of Wacken, we had to give them nicknames: pussies.

Hyrde: This was the longest roading in our history, we had been at the venue two days prior to the actual gig. So the 40 minute show was special little moment. The preasure before the show got high, at least on my perspective, ’cause I had to be the one talking with the audience. Probably one third of the crowd was not German at all, so maybe the language barrier was not the thing to worry about that much… but just try it. Its a fucking killer to summ up all the jokes you have planned to tell. I forgot ’em all and just babled some weird scheisse in between the songs. And during the songs.

Kaikka: Before we left from Finland I went to x-ray with my ankle, but there were no bones broken. Problem was that it was terribly swollen and walking hurt like shit. So I was little worried how the gig would go. Luckily it didn’t hurt so much in the gig and I was able to walk on the stage.

Kaikka: And the gig was just great! There were lots of people when we started and more and more came in to the tent during our show. And none of them left! Only ”problem” was the shortness of our show, because when we were just about to ”get it on” there was no time left anymore. But still it was a great show and the fact that German people can do a good moshpit warmed up our hearts! Hope there will be a next time with longer show!

Hyrde: Few thing I regret that friday, not to see Children of Bodom and The Haunted play live. Our team made a decision to get some proper sleep before the final day there. So off we went to the hotel. Of course, somebody said ”the Bodom was fucking killer, they even had an unoffical world record on the count of crowd surfers on a single gig”. Those bastards rule!

Kaikka: COB and The Haunted would had been great to see, but for the first time in the Wacken we had to think on a common sense and go to hotel. Afterwards that was a smart decision, because on Saturday we were fully charged up and ready to drink some more German beer and our self-mixed wodka with Fisherman’s friends!

Hyrde: Hope Kaikka will memorize the end of the trip… it’s a story worth telling.

Kaikka: Actually, I can’t remember all of it cause so much did happen… Carcass was great, wall of death of Exodus was unbelievable and the frozen margaritas in the backstage made us wild! And even though I got food-poisoning and shit my pants because of this bread/stake combination served in the backstage it still was a great day!

Kaikka: Stam1na crew would like to thank Gregor, Dark-Tero and Thomas for all you did during this crazy festival! We truly love you guys (in the straight-way) and hope to see you again!