This one is for the stranded. Sometimes we tend to appear something we’re not: sometimes we’re much more than each other. The Kalajoki Summernight party was a marvellous opportunity to kick some Finnish-Swedish ass. We rocked like babes. Heikki ”hesburger” Malmberg apparently full in flames bursting out the energy made up of years of glory. As if the band was drunk… nobody noticed anything.

It’s been a great pleasure to play with you people and from this day on we shall rock until we drop. To Finnish people this means great pleasures. Seize the day, my friends. It’s been a helluva ride all these years. Kaikka, Kake, Peksi, Emil… you guys, you fucking rock. Made the dream come true for us all. As you can feel love is everywhere. Just turn your head and look.

Kalajoki, all the best to you and make it your own.

Rakkaat ihmiset: jotta tiedämme miltä uusi PR-linjamme vaikuttaa, olkaa hyvät ja antakaa meille suoraa palautetta joko vieraskirjaamme tai sähköpostitse osoitteeseen Olemme hieman huolissamme.