Finland Fest 2014 Japan. Foto: Petri Asikainen.


Our band had a splendid opportunity to participate in this year’s Finland Fest, also known as Loud & Metal Attack metal fest. This was a dream come true gig for us, not only to visit The Land Of The Rising Sun but also do a 30 minute show out there. There was a big thrill in the air to get this done right… This one shot… And thankfully we f*ckin’ nailed it!!

Our crew (the band and our FOH guy Jusbaum) headed east on tuesday and the show was due on saturnday… So the whole four-and-a-half day journey was partly tourism and partly stright business, visiting & greeting our local supporters in Tokyo, seeing the mighty ESP guitar factory, eating sushi and having a couple of refreshing beers around Shibuya area. Mr. Saikkonen from our record label was already there to manage our team, contacting the right personel in Japan music business, taking care of things.

And what a ride we had…! Here’s a video clip from our Rodeo Hell summer tour opening in Japan, hope it explains it all better than some thousand words. Enjoy!

Stam1na continues touring in Finland and a little bit elsewhere – hoping to see our Japanese friends again as soon as possible! Ari-fukin-gato!

Finland Fest 2014 Japan. Foto: Petsi Asikainen.